Wood Fence
A residential wood fence provides a natural look that complements landscaping and other garden features in your yard. It’s an economical option that remains a popular choice with many of today’s homeowners.

Be creative with the range of available style options for wood fences. You can also choose to add a distinctive pattern or lattice to the top of your fence for added height and decoration.

Popular Heights: 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft.

Popular Styles: Privacy Fence, Shadow Box, Concave, Convex, Country Estate, Early American Picket

We can also custom design a wood fence to your specs!


Lower Upfront Cost

A residential wood fence is an affordable option when compared to other materials that require less maintenance.

Variety of Styles

Choose one of our standard styles or create a custom design to meet your needs.

Easier Repairs

Wood fence repairs are usually less complex than other materials since damaged or loose boards can be individually replaced.

Chain Link Fence
A residential chain link fence is the most cost-effective solution plus it is a great option for when you need to secure a large area. The recognizable diamond pattern and steel wire give the fence its strength and provide flexibility when there is force applied.

There is more to chain link fences than you may realize. These fences are available in several different heights, mesh fabric gauges, and colors to help match your budget and project type.


Lower Upfront Cost

A residential chain link fence is an affordable option when compared to other materials.


The woven nature of a chain link fence provides security plus an unobstructed view of your property and surroundings.

Low Maintenance

Minimal maintenance is required since the galvanized coating used on the links helps prevent rust.

Vinyl Fence
A residential vinyl fence is a popular choice when you need a decorative, privacy, or pool fence. It’s a versatile, low-maintenance option that adds a distinctive look to your yard.

A variety of styles, colors, wood grain options, and heights are available to help match your budget and project type.

Popular Heights: 4 ft, 6 ft

Popular Colors: White, Tan, Grey, Ivory, Brown, Arbor Green, and more.


Secure Pickets

Each picket locks tightly into place without any gaps. Not only does this provide added seclusion and privacy for your yard, it also helps your fence hold up better against wind and other elements.

Fade Resistant

We use the highest quality vinyl to insure it looks good for decades.


The fence is adjusted to fit your landscape so it can be used on level surfaces as well as sloped land without having gaps at the bottom.

Low Maintenance

Minimal maintenance is required since the vinyl is unaffected by insects or rot.

Residential Fencing

Residential Ornamental Fencing

Your home has a sophisticated style—a unique and artistic charm. You need a fence that will match the character of your home. Residential ornamental fencing is the perfect fencing solution to suit your aesthetic needs. Aluminum and steel residential ornamental fencing products offer a timeless beauty that will complement any yard. Choose Lucas Fencing to help find your perfect fencing match. Lucas Fencing offers a number of residential ornamental fencing options for homeowners in and around Columbus Indiana. Our top priority is to find you the right residential ornamental fencing tailored to your unique taste, landscape and budget. And for more than a 12 years, Lucas Fencing has been helping homeowners in and around Columbus Indiana do just that. Learn more about the following ornamental fencing options we offer our valued customers call 812-371-4454

Fence Repair
Whether you want to increase the privacy of your property or enhance its overall aesthetic appeal, come to Lucas Fencing and get the perfect fence for your home or commercial space.

Professional fence repair services in Columbus Indiana.

Does your fence need repairs immediately? Hire our experts and let us help you get it back in top condition.

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