Wood Fence

Wood Fence
A residential wood fence provides a natural look that complements landscaping and other garden features in your yard. It’s an economical option that remains a popular choice with many of today’s homeowners.

Be creative with the range of available style options for wood fences. You can also choose to add a distinctive pattern or lattice to the top of your fence for added height and decoration.

Popular Heights: 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft.

Popular Styles: Privacy Fence, Shadow Box, Concave, Convex, Country Estate, Early American Picket

We can also custom design a wood fence to your specs!


Lower Upfront Cost

A residential wood fence is an affordable option when compared to other materials that require less maintenance.

Variety of Styles

Choose one of our standard styles or create a custom design to meet your needs.

Easier Repairs

Wood fence repairs are usually less complex than other materials since damaged or loose boards can be individually replaced.